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This is a reference database of China reports and briefs from think tank and government organizations, such as the Congressional Research Service, China Aerospace Studies Institute, RAND Corp, and many more. With rare exceptions, none of the reports are stored here and are instead linked out to the authoring organization's page. The default view displays the latest reports from the last 30 days that have been added.

As indicated below, you can indeed search the full-text of these reports or, should you need a more focused approach, search by just title or abstract. This database has been optimized so that you can also search Chinese words and phrases. You will need to utilize boolean operators for accurate results. See the Help section for a detailed explanation and examples, but for now:

    +                 //  include term
    -                 //  exclude term
    ""                //  phrase (always use for Chinese)
    *                 //  truncation wildcard for 0 more characters
    [no operator]     //  implies OR (!important)
    "term1 term2" @n  //  proximity search with 'n' being a number 
    ()                //  nesting terms in parantheses  


    ordnance munitions
    searches: ordnance OR munitions
    +"anti-ship" +missile* -ballistic 
    searches: "anti-ship" AND missile[s] AND NOT ballistic

     +("air force" plaaf) +training +(recruit* cadet) 
    searches: ("air force" OR plaaf) AND training AND (recruit[ing][ment][s][ed] OR cadet)

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